Welcome to my homepage

Sometimes I miss the innocence of the early internet. I am old enough to sort of remember what it was like. People had personal websites, half of them were permantently under construction but that didn’t matter. People did not seem to be particularly concerned about clout, followers or algorithms. Not all content was to be monetized.

This is a bit like one of those websites. There are no popups, no calls to action, no microprofiling, no ads. You will not be force-fed cookies and your browser will not be fingerprinted. (I do track raw page views, but that’s all).

Who is this?

People may define themselves through what they have accomplished or through connections or wordly possessions, these are tangibles after all, things that can be observed and verified. As someone with a rich inner world I find actual lived experiences and stuff people think about more relatable than any accolades.

My biggest drivers are curiosity and some basic instict for happiness and survival and I don’t know how to label that. But if I try, let us just say that through many twists and turns I have become a programmer, a mother, kind of a creative, someone who was once upon a time very much into classical singing, and latin dancing.

I identify as a HSP, and as an ambivert. My Spotify tells me I have listened to 88 different genres and 2900 artists last year. Sounds about right. I love reading and enjoy a certain abundance of influences and ideas. I might be caught reading at least six different books at the same time, any time. I believe in the fundamental goodness of people and our ability to grow and keep growing throughout our lives. There are clearly other possible interpretations as well, but this to me seems more helpful.

Why should anyone need another blog, in a world bursting with content

Maybe there is value in knowing that something has been written by a real person, from a place of respect for your space and privacy. There is plenty of content out there intended for short-term consumption to fend off boredom. This blog will probably not be that entertaining, but at least it will not fry your dopamine pathways.

Sometimes when I think of all our aids of creation and the quality of our consumption, mine for instance, to begin with, I am concerned at what will happen to the very basic crafts that for me define humanity. Will writing from scratch, without prompting generative bots first, become a bit of a niche hobby, not appealing or understandable to most? Perhaps it is that way already.

If this blog blossoms into the full expression of what I imagine it could be, there might be posts about programming, art and reflections on modern life. Life has a certain way though, that sometimes what we imagine materializes in quite unexpected ways. So I would rather keep the open horizon, and see what may come.

In the first iteration you will find a couple of posts about Rust and software development. I do my best to keep it factual and easy to follow.

Also me

These are some of my user accounts online.

Write me at first_name.last_name@protonmail.com. I would love to hear from you.

Happy reading! May your days be bright.